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For the first time, Buenzli will take place in the Kirchgemeindehaus in Winterthur. That building offers many big and noble halls and saloons of which we carefully selected one for you. It offers space for over 500 people and has a big stage and enough room for the famous Buenzli chillout corners. The building is used for conferences, parties and whatever there is that would fit - and don't worry, it's not a church or something - but still it got a huge organ inside. It's quite stylish and a very worthy place for Buenzli.


For more information about the building and what it offers, you can always have a look at their website: Have a look at the features of the location:

 Very central place in the city of Winterthur.
10 minutes from the trainstation
 Very near from supermarkets, McDonalds, .. everything.
 Rooms that give you the feeling of being in an old theater
 Big and warm sleeping halls (two of them)
 Clean toilets
 Enough space for everyone
 A big chill area right in front of the stage
 Huge bigscreen (5x4m)
 Estrade with single seats for visitors
 A very big meadow near the place
 Smoking and drinking beer allowed, also inside the main hall

Winterthur is in the north-east of Switzerland, very close to Zurich and Zurich airport. It is easily reachable from Austria, Germany, Italy and France (by train or car) aswell as every other country you could imagine (by plane).

Liebestrasse 3
CH-8400 Winterthur
In case of troubles finding the location, just contact Unlock by SMS/call on a number that will be revealed here two days before the party. Subscribe to the free SMS Infochannel (see right border) to get the number on your handy a few days before the party.

Winterthur, Switzerland (red circle)

Winterthur, near Zurich

Alternatively, you can use the following link to see a dynamic map of the Buenzli location. Use the zoom-out function to see, where Winterthur can be found. Note that Java is required for the map-functionality! Switch to 'static' if you've no Java. You can also use the 'calculate route' button to find the direct route from your home to Buenzli.

Once you approximately found the place, you should have a look for a building that looks like the one on the following picture:

Buenzli 12 Location

If you come by car, we can offer you cheap parking places! Since the location is in the middle of the city, there aren't any free parking lots right beside. We give you a three day pass for a nearby car-parking for CHF 15.- (EUR 10.-). You come to our location by car, unload it, buy the entrance ticket and the car parking ticket and then you drive your car into the car-parking. Easy as that. Alternatively you could search for free parking places somewhere in Winterthur, we wish you good luck if you try it ;-)

This table will show you that Switzerland isn't as far away as you always thought it was (distance from .. to Winterthur):

Basel 130 km
Berne 145 km
Geneva 310 km
Zurich Airport (ZRH) 15 km
Zurich 20 km
Cologne 540 km [flight: Cologne->Zurich]
Berlin 830 km [flight: Berlin->Zurich]
Hamburg 855 km [flight: Hambug-Zurich]
Stuttgard 194 km
Munich 286 km
Mannheim 308 km
Paris 673 km [flight: Paris->Berne]
Marseilles 767 km [flight: Marseilles->Zurich]
Lyon 447 km
Grenoble 469 km
Roma 898 km [flight: Roma->Zurich]
Torino 432 km
Milano 316 km
Vienna 721 km [flight: Vienna->Berne]
Salzburg 428 km
Stockholm 1810 km [flight: Stockholm->Zurich]
Oslo 1741 km [flight: Oslo->Zurich]
Amsterdam 795 km [flight: Amsterdam->Zurich]
Barcelona 1090 km [flight: Barcelona->Zurich]
London 1026 km [flight: London->Zurich]
Look up flights for the city of your preference: Unique Airport Zurich

Buenzli by SMS
Send an SMS containing 'buenzli on' to 20199 for swiss or +41 79 718 6667 for non-swiss mobile phones to stay up to date about buenzli.

Playing cards
Buenzli supports the Slengpung playing cards. We'll sell about 10 decks at our infodesk. Be fast!


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