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  • Oezgyrs, the Swiss runnerups and hope for the future of the Swiss scene published a small report on their website. Here's the whole text:
    sa~t 4 oezgyrs @ buenzli #12
    a small report at 0208h, 31-08-2003
    well, eehr, as you see, it's quite late at night and i am fuckin' tired. still, not too tired to write this report now. with me is bruiser, all the other oezgyr guys are sleepin' already. 'n' that's what i gonna do as well in some minutes.
    a dj is playing d'n'b style sound and there is still a whole lot of people sitting brighteyed in front of their screens. although the music fills the air with its db's (not too few...), some sceners are sleeping on the floor, one eye still awake checking out whether the best piece is still plugged in where it was left.
    i bet who ever produced all the coke and the beer, the 'day walkers' consumed tonight, made a nice piece of busines.
    ok, enough of that small talk, even bruiser's gone to bed - good night!

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